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In some countries, employees are generally given two weeks of paid vacation time each year. In other countries, employees are given four or six weeks of paid vacation time.

Considering the needs of both employee and employer, what do you think is a reasonable amount of paid vacation time for employees to have? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience

I believe that two weeks of paid vacations time each year is suitable for employees. Every employee needs this. They need this time for vacation. Paid for vacations means that employee get their fee without works for some time. They can use their money for vacation with their family or just do something that they want. It is just like a reward for employees because they have been working in a company for a year.

Some employers cannot give vacation to their employees because some of their machine cannot stop working so they need someone to looking for. In a company like this, they can make a schedule for their employees for whose will take care of the machine while other goes for vacation. Employee who still works when others are in holiday deserved to get more in paid than usual.

Vacation for employees is necessary because it can make employees get their energy back. People cannot work in all time because they will lose all their energy. It will make the results of their work is not well. They need to recharge their energy by vacation. Vacation will make people have more time to rest time to rest more. Some people will go somewhere with their family and some of them maybe will stay at home and will have time with their family or relatives.

Every country has a different way to give fee for employees’ vacation. Naturally, employees have more than two weeks of paid for vacations. Employees will have a different fee because they live in a different country. As we know that, every country has a different time of a holiday season. Although there is a different time for having holiday, but I still believe that every employee need this paid for vacation and at least two weeks. It is a suitable quantity for employee and also for employer employer too.

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