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How Wood Pellets are made.

Wood pellets are a type of fuel used for heating building heating buildings. They are made from sawdust. The manufacturing process takes several steps and uses several different types of machines. The main material is sawdust which comes from sawmill.
The first machine is hammer mill. In the hammer mill, sawdust is hammering into fibers in a uniform length. Then fibers are dampened with steam.

The second machine is pellet machine. In this machine, the fibers are forming into pellets through a hole in this machine. After come out from this machine, pellets
are cooled.

The third machine that we need is vacuum machine. The cooled pellets are vacuumed to remove the loose dust.

Finally, all processes are finished. Pellets are ready to be packed. Pellets are packing into 18-kilo (40 pound) bags. This packed These packages are ready for sale.
Pellet stove and pellet furnaces are using this kind of wood pellets. They are used to heat any kind of building.
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