Academic Module 4

Writing Task 2

The proliferation of private cars on the roads in many part of the world has led to serious problems of pollution and may contribute to global warming. Some people think that governments should spend money for the development of public transportation systems in order to help alleviate this problem. Others think it is better to spend money for the development of electric and other type of cars that may cause less pollution.

Do you think it is better for governments to spend money developing public transportation or developing new kinds of cars? Why or why not? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Nowadays people have a high mobilization. They have to move to more than one place in a day. It makes many people spend their money to buy a private car. Because it can makes their movement easier. It solve people problem about high mobilization. In addition, it happens in many part of the world.
Many private cars on roads combines with much public transportation will product more pollution. Pollution makes us difficult to get fresh air. Pollution makes us feel not comfortable. We need to use masker when we want to walk on roads because of the bad air. Moreover, this pollution will lead us to a serious problem such as global warming.

Our ozone will get the bad effect of bad air from pollution. In addition, it will contribute us to global warming. We need to find the solution about this.
Many people have given their idea for solving this. Some people think that government should spend money for the development of public transportation system that can alleviate this problem. Those people thinks, when government can make this kind of public transportation, so pollution from public transportation will decrease. Moreover, through this solution, maybe some private cars users will back to use public transportation than their own car.

However, other thinks that it is better to spend money for developing of electric and other types of cars that may cause less pollution. Through this solution, we hope that people will buy a new private car which is already has a good system to solve pollution problem. In other ways, people can buy any electric things that also already have a good system to solve or decrease pollution problems.

I agree with the first idea. Because I think, all people more capable to do this than the second idea. For the first idea, we can make a campaign for using this kind of public transportation for people who has private cars. In addition, for people who usually use public transportation is not a problem for them. Nevertheless, for the second idea, only people who have much money can do this. Private car is using only for a few people but public transportation can be used for many people. In addition, for other electric things, I am not sure that the price will be affordable. We need a good system in there so we will spend much money in there. Therefore, only a few people who can buy and use this. Overall, we need to manage our self-better.
We need to use something without doubt about our environment. Because when our environment has a problem, the effects will come to our life.

# Use of articles (1)
# Comparing two or more things (1)
# Subject and verb agreement (2)
# Verb form use (1)
# Modal verbs (1)
# Other (1)
# Sentence structure (3)
# Wordiness (2)
# Punctuation within a sentence (3)
# Writing style (4)
# Vocabulary use (5)
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