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Popular events like football World Cup and other International sporting occasions can make international tensions and patriotic emotion of citizen in a country move up. This event can be a place to release citizen patriotic emotion in a safe way.

Sea games XXVI in Jakarta and Palembang that held on 11th of November until 22th November 2011 is one of many examples of International sporting occasions. Many citizens in Indonesia are releasing their patriotic emotion to support Indonesian team in this Sea Games. It is not only in football but also in other kind of sport. Many people come from their main area to Jakarta and Palembang to give their support to Indonesian team. They want to make Indonesian team get the gold medal in this Sea Games. In this condition, Indonesian people are not the only supporters who come to give spirit to their team, but also there are many people from other country who join in this sea Games that spend their time to come to Indonesia to give their support.

The other event is World Cup. People from all over the world try to come to the place where World Cup is held. They want to give support to their team. They wear their team uniform. Some of them use many accessories from their team. Sometimes they try to make temporary tattoo in their body to show up their support. They show their patriotic emotions.

International events like Sea Games can make all citizens have same emotion. They have patriotic emotion to support their team. It is an action of releasing emotion in the safe way. They do many things to express their emotion in supporting their country. They make the countries athletes have more spirit to do the games. It will make them have more power to win the games. It is really a good way to express emotion for people.

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