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  • I have a small family.
  • I have only two brothers, my elder brother, and my little brother. I am the only one daughter in my family. My elder brother is four years older than I am and my little brother is five years younger than I am. My Dad is an entrepreneur and my Mom is a homemaker.
  • All of us meet each other every day. Sometimes we spend our time together by watching television at night. We spend around one until two hours to watch. After that, usually we are talking about our days.
  • We like to watch television together. We like to eat together.
  • Yes I do, because I feel that they love me so much. We always share our things together. Whenever we have a problem, we try to discuss and solve the problem together. I love my family and I know that they love me too.

I met him when I was in the last semester of my second year in the college. I met him when I want to give back the laboratory key to my laboratory assistant. He never teaches me before, but at that time, he felt curios about my study. He wanted to help me to do my final project. He gave me spirit to do my final project earlier that it should be. Although I felt that I could not do that, he always motivated me and gave me his great spirit to study. He told me that I should not give up when I met a problem until I cannot do anything. He believed that everybody has their own power that they may not know. He had taught me many things. It was not only material about my final projects but also additional knowledge. He gave me his great spirit. That was the most important things that I have not had before I met him. Because of him, I could finish my final projects in my final project in the beginning of my third year. It was one of greatest things in my life. I really felt happy at that time. I felt proud of him. I owed him for this one in all my life.

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