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European countries like to consume goods. The chart shows about spending habut in four countries in European countries. This chart shows about six goods. There are personal stereos, tennis racquets, perfumes, CDs, Toys, and photographic film.

Britain comes as the heavily country who spends money on those six goods. In every case, British spends money higher than other countries. The highest amount is around 170.000 pounds sterling in photographic film case. In the tennis racquets only, Italy spends higher than British. In contrast, Germany generally comes as the lowest spender. Almost in every case, Germany always come as the lowest spender. The most evidence is the photographic film, where Germany spends much less than British. It is around 35.000 pounds sterling less than Britain. Germany only spends more than the other country, France, in tennis racquets and perfumes.

Meanwhile, France and Italy comes as middle spender in almost all cases. In perfumes and personal stereos cases, Italy spends more than France while in CDs, France spends more than Italy. In toys case, both of them spend equally the same. It is almost 160.000 pounds sterling.

It is clear that the data gives us the information about significant differences of European countries in spending habits.

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