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Technology makes life easier. It provides an easier way to do something. When technology comes to a country, it will try to erase the traditional skills. People like the easier way, so they will look for the easier way than they have known before. Technology can provide their wants.

Every country who gets the new technology will promote the technology to all citizens. They will use it and forget the traditional. Some people who do not like a new way will keep the traditional one. They will still use it. When many people try the new technology, the old one will be forgotten.

We will take camera as an example. Nowadays, there is already a digital camera. We can take many photos and keep it in the camera. We do not need to buy a roll film when we want to take photos like in the old one. We can take photos as many as we want according to the memory in the digital camera. We cannot do this with the old camera. We need many roll films when we want to take many photos, because a roll film only consist of a few photos. It is not efficient. We need much money to buy many roll films.

In the digital camera, when the memory is full, we can move all the photos to other device like computer or laptop. We can have a free memory to start to take photos again. We can see the result of our camera directly through the camera or the other device. In the old camera, we cannot do this action. We need to take the roll film to the photo studio. We need their help to change the format of the roll films into negatif film. Then we need to print the negatif film with a special device to get the result. It takes times and money.

We need to move out to the new technology. It is pointless to keep the traditional way alive. It is not efficient and effective.

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