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The chart shows about participants who join education and science in developing countries and industrialized countries. In all cases, industrial countries have much more quantity of results than developing countries.

Industrialized countries have generally higher participants than developing countries. In the case of average years of schooling, industrial countries have much higher than developing countries. In 1980, industrialized countries already have 9 years average of schooling while developing countries only have 3 years average of schooling. Although in the next ten years developing countries have move up their years of schooling, but industrialized countries make a steadily movement too.

Industrialized countries have much more scientist and technicians in their area than developing countries. In this case, developing countries can move up their scientist and technicians for 10 people in 1000 people surveyors. Industrialized countries have much more scientist and technicians.

Industrialized countries spend much more than development countries on research and development. Industrialized countries have move up their spending about $200.000.000 in 10 years while developing countries increase their spending about $25.000.000 in the same time.

According to the chart, we can conclude that there is a large difference between industrialized countries with developing countries and their gap are widening.

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