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Children need education from the early ages. They need to learn about many things. Their education is important for their self. They cannot leave their education time for other things because they can lose knowledge that will help them in the future.

In their education time, some children are engaged in some kind of paid work. They work before or after their school. Some children do this kind of activity to help their parents in financial life. They do a part time job to get some money for their school fee. Others want to have some experience of works earlier. They join a part time job that related to their education. They will have many experiences with this because they can do what they have learned directly. Children who have a work experience will get job easily when they have graduate. The company will consider allowing this kind of children to work in their place because of their experience. They will get more salary than the ordinary employee will. Children will learn about taking responsibility of their works earlier, so they will do better in their work place later. Some people are agreeing with this opinion while others are not.

Others think it is a wrong condition. We cannot let children do a work while they are in studying time. They think that children need to focus in their education. They think that children will enjoy with their work and forget their education. This condition is happen to some children. When they are starting to do a job, they are starting to get money. They will enjoy their time to get money and they will want to get more. They will feel lazy to fulfill their obligation in education. They think that they do not need to finish their education because they are already earning money before they have finished it. It can be a bad habit.

I agree about children who are engaged in some kind of paid work, because they will get many experiences and knowledge. When they are doing this, they still need to focus on their education. In addition, they just do a part time job that will not take much time.

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