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According to the graph about the unemployment rates in the US and Japan, the following conclusion can be drawn from it.
In March 1993, United States had seven percent of work place while 2.5% of Japan citizens are unemployed. The unemployment rate in the United States is declining in the next three years until it reach 5% in March 1996. Japan turned out to less lucky, as their unemployment rates had doubled in the next three years. From then on, the unemployment rates in Unites States roughly the same. It rates took until 5% in March 1999. Although there were minor falls and rises along March 1996 until March 1999.

As for Japan, the unemployment rates slow down about 0.5% - 0.6% after March 1996 but it moved rapidly until it took 5% in March 1998. In March 1999, Japan rates had stayed the same like in March 1998.

The conclusion that I can draw from the graph is that United States had decreased the unemployment rates until 2% in the course of six years while Japan had increased the rates about 2.5%. Both of them had the same rates after March 1998 about 5% of their work force unemployment.

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