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Our world divided into some nations. There are rich nations, develop nations, and poor nations. In balancing of world economic growth, richer nations need to help poorer nations. Richer nation needs to take attention in the poorer nations or the third world nations. Improvements in many part of are essential for the development of poorer nations. The main parts are health, education, and trade. The third world nations have tried to trade with other countries. They tried to communicate and learn about trading with the richer nations. However, they cannot make an improvement by their self; they need assistance from other nations.

In some poorer countries like Africa, they still meet natural disasters that can make many problems. They will lose their home and their place for work. Some natural disaster will destroy the agricultural area. The impact of these kind of situation, they will not able to make a development, because they are busy in fixing those problems. Most of them cannot fix it, so they meet another problem like poverty, diseases, and death. Their education is still low, so they cannot fix a problem fast. Somehow, they do not know about how to fix the problem, because they do not have an education about that.

The governments of richer nations should take more responsibility for helping the poorer. They already have a steady situation. They can control their development in health, education, and trade well. In addition, they have more money and ability in fixing the problems. Their education is also high.

If they want to take a serious attention in helping the third world nations, the development in the third world nations will run well. They need to help them in those three areas. They can start to supply food for the poorer nations. They can also give an education to them in developing agricultural and trade.

Maybe the richer nations have not an obligation to help the poorer nations, but they have responsibility in this. If they can do that, the balancing of world will be happen.

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