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According to the table, we can make a conclusion about families’ proportion that is living in poverty in Australia along 1999. The survey takes seven kinds of family type. There are single age person, aged couple, single person with no children, couple family with no children, sole parent, couple family with children and all households. Sole parent has the highest proportion while aged couple family has the lowest proportion. The percentage of sole parent proportion is 21% while aged couple family is 4%.
The couple family with children has similar proportion with all households. Both of them have much different with the highest proportion, sole parent. Their margin is around 10%. The Single person with no children family type takes the second place in this survey. There are about 359,000 people in that kind of family type who are living in poverty.
The proportion of couple family with no children is higher than the proportion of single aged person. Both of them are below the all households’ proportion. It takes about 4% different from the all households’ proportion or about 1,626,000 people in that kind of family type.
We can conclude that sole parent family type much more have the highest position of poverty problem while aged people can live less from poverty.

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