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Radio is commonly use for communication from the past. Although radio only use sound to give information, but many people still like to use it. We can listen to the radio while do something else. We just need to make the sound can hear clearly from our distance, so we can get the information from it. Radio only has sound, so when we hear information about something that we cannot imagine, we feel hard to understand the information. We need to hear the information more than once to make it clearly. However, when we want to enjoy the music, radio is the best way. Because when we want to enjoy music, we just need to hear. When we hear the music, it will make us feel the music taste.
People like to watch film. Although they cannot watch it in the theatre, they can buy a DVD or VCD to watch it in their home. Film can be a media to give people the information. The filmmaker can make a film contain of many information. Film can be an easier media to make people know about something, because people enjoy watching it. Although sometimes people do not know about what the filmmaker want to show in this film, they still watch the film because they like the story or the people who play in the film. However, the filmmaker cannot put too much information on film because they need to make a long story to show many message, it will make people feel bore and they will not watch it until the end.
Books are the good media to give information. Books can contain of many pages. People can read books in any place. Sometimes they read books in their spare time. Some people read books while they are in a public transportation. There are many kinds of books. Every book can contain of story and message. Books can guide people in doing something. Some people like to buy books, but too lazy to read it. They have many reasons to despite from reading. Sometimes the size of the books make people afraid to read it, they feel that the books are too hard to understand, so they do not want to try to read.
We have many mass media that can give us much information. We just need to choose whatever media we like. The most important thing is we can know about the information.

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