Everybody needs happiness condition. In this world, people try to find their happiness. They want to have this condition along their life. Happiness has many meaning. Some people say that they will feel happy if they have a lot of money. They think that they can buy anything they want with money. They also can go anywhere and can get anything that they want easier, because their money will talk first. Some people say that they will feel happy if they will cure from their disease. They do not want anything in this life except healthy. They feel that they can do anything if they are healthy. Some people think that they will feel happy if they have a good career. For a beggar, they will feel happy if they can get money for buying something to eat every day.

There is no exactly meaning for happiness. It depends on what people feel in their heart. They will feel different in different condition. Happiness is difficult to define because people have different way of thinking in defining happiness. The way they think is depend on their condition. People in the high level will think different for people in the low level. Their basic need of happiness is different too.

The main important in receiving happiness is the way of thinking. When we feel that we always need more, we will never satisfy. It will make us never feel happy. We need to change our minds. We need to make a new way of thinking. We need to think only for the basic needs. The basic needs in this case are the real basic need for everyone. For example, every need to eat every day, so people needs to try to feel happy when they can eat every day. They also need a place to live. They need to feel happy when they can go home and sleep tight at their home although it is their own home.

The factor that important in achieving happiness is work. People need to work. They can do any kind of work, but it must be in a good way, so they can fulfill their needs. People need to find a way to reach something for their life. The other factor is someone else. People need someone else beside them. It is not always for their mate, but it can be friends, families, partners of work, or others. Together, people can share about their life. They can fulfill one to another need.

Happiness is not a big deal when we want to try in changing our way of thinking of it. Happiness is everybody rights. When you try to do something good, you will be happy.

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