People hate change, or so do i hear. They hate change that will make the situation worse rather than better. We eagerly change job when it means higher pay more influence. We happily move to a big house in a better neighborhood. Both of those things it's not a change that we hate. We hate a change when we feel loss, sometimes physical, emotional or other things.

Change is both inevitable and necessarily. If everything stays the same, no one is growing. It;s not easy to face a change. Sometimes we will fall down and feel hurt. We have to pay for getting a change.

It's happen to me now :(
I need to move. I need to change. I need to do something different. I need to stop from something that i usually do. I need that to make a change. I need that to build something new for a better me.

Actually, i really do not know how to face the day with all of that changes. I really loss my area, my secure area now.
It's hard, yes, but i need to do it. I have take my decision to do that.

Above all my fear about the days, i know that my God never change. He will always stay the same, from the past, now and for forever. He will always guide us through the day, whatever it gonna be.

Not all change is pleasant. But when we have being led to a better place by someone who love us, we do not need to fear it. I trust in You Lord. Lead me in Your way. Make me strong to face the day :).

Special pray for my ginger. Please take care of him. I know that You know what i mean. You will always know that. And also for my supporter in my college final project, i know You have a great plan for Him. He and I cannot see that, but i trust that You are still making a great painting of life for him.
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