The land productive becomes less productive nowadays. There are some reasons that affected the case. In the table above, we can see three regions of world that become less productive. The reasons are deforestation, over-cultivation, over-grazing and other reason.

The biggest percentage is over-gazing. It is about 35%. Next reason is deforestation and over-cultivation with 30% and 28%. The other reason comes with 7%.

According to the table, we can see that North America region becomes less productive because of over-cultivation as the main reason. The second one is over-grazing. It is about 1.5 %. Deforestation becomes the last reason that affected less productivity in North America. The grand total of land degraded in North America is 5% from all.
Deforestation becomes the main cause of land degradation in Europe. It is about 9.8%. The next cause is over-cultivation. It is about 4% higher that North America percentages. The last one that has high percentages too is over-grazing. It is also 4% higher than North America percentages. The grand total of land degraded in Europe is 23%.
Oceania, the large group of islands in South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand get land degraded too. In this region, over-grazing becomes the main cause of land degraded. It is also the highest percentages from the three regions in the table. It reaches 11.3%. Deforestation becomes the next cause of land degraded in this region although it is only 1.7%. Oceania only have those two cause of land degraded in their region. There is no over-cultivation in this area.

From all the information above, we can conclude that the less productive region is Europe because it has the highest degraded land. The smallest degraded land is North America with 5% percentages. There is no over-cultivation in Oceania, but it has the biggest over-grazing over all.

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