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As a human, we have a will. It is not always about what we want for our self, but sometimes what we want to do for others. We think that we are doing something good for others. We also think that we are going to make others happy, but sometimes we are wrong. Not all the people want to receive anything that we want, they do not need a thing, but they need us. They need us to sit beside them. They need us to listen to what they have done. It is means more that a thing. It is become an expensive prize for them.

Therefore, when we want to do something for others or we want to buy something for others, we need to see more than what they need. We need to see and know what they feel. A simple present will means more than an expensive one.

Today, I have learned about that. I really want to buy something for him, but he does not allow me to do that. Actually, he allows me to do that, but he has some special request for the permission. I do not understand about the request because I just want to buy something and I feel it is important and will make him happy, but I am wrong. It will not make him happy.

When I realize my mistake, I try to do something else. I hope that he will happy with what I have done. I just 
want to make him happy in his special day. Therefore, I think with my own way to make him happy by buying something that I think he really need today.

Let us learn to understand what others really want by our heart not by our mind.

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