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Picture of Him

Today's story tell us about a child who creates an image of his father and shows it to his mother. His mother has accept it and see that the picture is unclear. The picture is not similar with his husband.

As a human, sometimes we do the same things. We try to draw an images of our Heavenly Father. Sometimes, we make it unclear. We think that He do not love us when He correct our sinful pattern in life. We feel that He has leave us when He let us feel the pain. Actually it is not like that. He loves us. He loves us very much. He just want to disipline us. Your father in earth sometimes disipline you to make you understand about the wrong things. Your heavenly Father do as the same. Displined time is not easy and fun, it's hurt. But it is a proof from His love. He do not want you to fall, He want to save you.

No disipline seems pleasant at the time, but paintful. Later on, however, it could produce heavenly rightousness and peace for those who have been trained in it.
Lord, help me to know better when You disipline me. Help me to see that it is Your love in action. Help me to understand because it will make me more and more like You.


A Picture Of Him

One day my son uncapped an orange marker and drew a picture of his father. His toddler’s rendering featured eyes, a nose, and a mouth, all inside of a circle on top of two long sticks (he informed me that those were the legs). Although my little boy scored high marks for effort, his picture didn’t quite capture the specifics that would have created a close likeness to my husband: blue eyes, a confident smile, and silver-flecked hair.

As God’s children, we sometimes create images of our heavenly Father that aren’t accurate. We may view God as unloving when He corrects sinful patterns in our lives. And because discipline is painful (Heb. 12:11), we may assume that God’s correction is a form of divine revenge or the result of His anger. In reality, it is proof of His love for us. The Bible says, “Whom the Lord loves He chastens” (v.6). He disciplines us for our benefit, so that we “may be partakers of His holiness” (v.10) and experience the peace that comes from right living (v.11).

Today, if you are facing God’s discipline, remember that He isn’t peering down at you with an angry scowl or shaking a vengeful fist. Picture Him as a concerned Father, lovingly correcting His child in whom He delights (Prov. 3:12).

Lord, when I sin and You discipline me,
help me to see it’s Your love in action. May Your loving
discipline mold and shape my character
so that I become more and more like You. Amen.
God’s hand of discipline is a hand of love.

Our Daily Bread
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