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God wants you confident in the truth that, through Him, all things are possible.
Everyday in your life, you face a choice:
- you can focus on the obstacles before you
- you can be confident in truth because God is pouring His strength into you.

When Israelties approached borders to the promised land, moses sends the scouts to see the promised land. Ten of the scouts come with bad feeling about the situation in the promised land. They said that the people in there are giant people. They feared that they can't defeated them. Two scouts come with good news. One of them said that they certaintly can come to the promised land because God's in their side. He focused on the magnitude from God not on the magnitude of giants challenge.

Today, may be you're facing giants in your life. Some giants crowd around you, giants of time and energy, financial and resources, fear and faithlessness.
God want you confident that he's pouring His strength into you so you can overcome these obstacles. God want you to take part in His promised mission. You can be certain that you can do that because God is strengthens you.

God want you to build up your faith in Him. In the same condition, He will show you the way to overcome the obstacles. Together with Him, it is possible to overcome the giants and come to His promised mission.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Be Confident in God's Strength
by Jon Walker

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13 NASB)
God wants you confident in the truth that, through him, all things are possible.

Every day of your life, you have a choice:
You can focus on the obstacles before you, or ...
You can be confident in the truth that God is pouring his strength into you.

When the Israelites first approached the borders of Canaan, Moses sent scouts into the Promised Land to assess the situation. Ten of the scouts came back with reports that focused on the giants in the land, men so big and powerful the scouts feared they could not be defeated.

However, two of the scouts remained confident in the promise from God that he would hand the land over to the Israelites. One of those scouts, Caleb, silenced the others when he said, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it” (Numbers 13:30b NIV). He was focused on the magnitude of God and not the magnitude of any giant challenge ahead.

Today, you may be facing giants that challenge your faith. Some of the giants crowd around you — giants of time and energy, finances and resources, fear and faithlessness.

God wants you confident that he’s pouring his strength into you so you can do whatever it takes to overcome these obstacles. He says you can take possession of your promised mission; you can be certain you can do it because God is strengthening you.

Consider this: God wants to build up your faith, and one way he’ll do it is by showing you how, together with him, it is possible to defeat the giants that keep you from moving into your promised mission.

Talk About It

When you’re confronted by a difficult task, what are the effects of considering it an opportunity for God to stretch your faith?

Do you believe God uses ordinary people? What are some examples of ordinary people in your life or in history whom God used to do extraordinary things?

What kind of scout do you want to be: one who is stressed over the obstacles before you or one who is confident in the promises of God? Ask God to help you develop confidence in him and then look for the ways he begins to do just that.

Jon Walker is author of “Costly Grace: A Contemporary View of Bonhoeffer’s ‘The Cost of Discipleship’ and In Visible Fellowship: A Contemporary View of Bonhoeffer's Classic Work ‘Life Together’.”
He is managing editor of Rick Warren’s Daily Hope Devotionals.
This devotional © Copyright 2012 Jon Walker. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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