Giving directions

Not long ag, my wife's car needed to be towed. When i explained to the person in the towing company about how to find our home, i instructed him to tell the driver not to follow his global positioning system (GPS). Because there is other way with the same name as ours was separated from our house address by a field, a special direction were necessary. He assured me that he would pass on my directions.

As i stood in the driveway wondering where the tow truck was, the driver called and told me that he was following his global postioning system (GPS) and he could find my house number. huuffttt. I told him again about what i have told before to the man in the towing company.

We need to tell a right direction to others. We have to tell them that their global postioning system to heaven like good works, do enough good and others are not the right way to go to heaven. We have to tell them exactly about death, burial, and ressurection of Christ.

Jesus said it best: " I am the way, the truth and the life, no one can come to Father except through Me"

Jesus salvation is achieved by Christ's atonement, not by our attainment.

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