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in all things, you will never get all things happen as you wish. sometimes the Heavenly father turn your plan into the way that He wish. For all of us, it's really hard to accept this kind of way, for me also. actully sometimes i feel it's like a joke for me, especially for the last case.

In sunday, He makes my day so perfect. I get many things that i never think about before. He makes me so happy with all things that happened in that day. And i was happy in all part of my life, family, friends, ginger, and other. I've write my feeling about all that things in my post before thing, but He makes it turn over 180 degrees in the day after.

Until i write this post, i still feel funny of all things that happen to me. However, He is the Heavenly father, all things belong to Him, me too also. From all the things that happen to me, it makes me feel that i'm nothing without Him. Just with a single word, He can changes all my life, all my plan.

2nd of September in the morning, i already feel didn't comfort with my stomach. i go to the toilet and feel sick, but it's just once. after i eat my bruch, i feel ok. wooow it's so amazing. i think that i can't happen like that if He don't allow that to be happenned. i can go out, celebrate my birthday, i'm so happy, of course. then i have another party in my home with my lovely family adn i still feel ok. How great is my God :)

But, the great things happen in the next morning. when i've ready to go to the office, my stomach be in action. i think it's because i'm hungry but i'm wrong. i go to the toilet for 6 times from the time i've been arriving at office until before lunch times. my body become so weak, i can't make many move :(

then i go to the doctor, but she said that i'm already ok. i feel that too, but the next morning it happen again. and it worst that before. i almost collapse because i can't see anything. my mom talk in front of my face, but i can reply her anything, i feel that i've been entering another world :(.

from all things that happen, i try to take the lesson learn of this. God love me so much. He can make it happen in my big day, He has an authority to make me health or sicj as His wish, but He doesn't do that in my big day. He lets me to be happy in my big day. He lets me to feel all of my happiness, all things that i've been wrote before this post. You're great Dad, i really proud of You. thank you very much.

Thanks for all things Dad. You make me more mature. I want always learn about Your way, make me understand to all of Your plan. Even it's as my wish or not, because Your plan it's the best for me :)
i've feel better now, thanks God :)
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