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The Conjuring

This film is based on the true story of the paranormal. One of them is still alive today. They are Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Lawrren (Vera Farmiga). Ed and Lorraine believe that they were married by an interest in the same world; therefore, they want to use their gift to help others. They are not ordinary exorcist. They are trying to examine each location and the statements made by each client about ghosts or evil spirits disturbing. According to them, some things cause fear in a person is not entirely related to the spirit world. Sometimes just a few things related to the wind, the humidity in the house causing the creaking wood and the atmosphere around the house in the countryside as in the case of a husband and wife in the house made of wood in this film. Lorraine does have the special ability. He called it a peek. Lorraine can find out and see some of the things associated with evil spirits. If indeed there are evil spirits around the client that she came, she could feel even see it. Normally, she would continue to look out for information to support what she feels. It is like when she visited the Parron case. Just as she entered the family's home, she immediately sensed the evil spirits that follow the family.

In this film, we have been shown scenes where Ed and Lorraine give a public lecture to announce the results of their research and some cases that they have successfully overcome. This is great because with the clearly expressed, public will understand actually what kind of cases which are related to spirits. Most people have little knowledgeable about those case, therefore they try to estimate from an event. According to Ed and Lorraine, some cases still can be scientifically proven and not always directly about spirits. Instead do not believe in things pertaining to the spirit, but must be balanced. So, when your door close by itself, do not start to assume that there is a ghost in your house. Maybe this is not an ordinary but maybe it just because there may be wind slammed the door. So, be carefully with certainty before. The important thing in this regard is courage, because if it is already ruled by fear then everything that happens directly around you, you will feel that it linked with the occult.

Setting of place, character, decoration, and ambience that are display really shows in the ancient times when the event actually happens. This movie show quite well effect when displaying the atmosphere tense and scary. The main story was about the terror experienced by Parron family. Terror is happening in the family new home in the countryside. The great thing about this house is much room in this house. His house is quite big, but still made of wood. It seems like in one room, there is another room inside it. In child’s room, there is a room after the cabinet that is related to the basement room. In this room, there are some things related to the ex family who lived there. In kitchen, there is also another room under the family table; it can be a place of a child to hide like shown in this film. Maybe, if there is much time to explore, we will see many hidden room inside this house that contain of many weird things.

This movie is quite good in the story and the plot. No wonder the ratings are high enough. Nevertheless, it maybe more suited to the thriller movie than a horror because ghost in the film only appeared briefly though quite creepy. The ghost appears like just to reconfirm that this horror movie.

Best moral message in this film is about worship. Ed Lawren writes that ghosts do exist. Nevertheless, we all get over it, especially to overcome the fear of ourselves first. Through worship, there will be some sort of protection inside and a sense of security because we feel that we have something much bigger that can help at the time of the attacks of evil spirits or ghosts. In this film indicated that the family is not a religious family so it does not have the good knowledge about worship. Worship is very important because it can prevent us from evil spirits disorders and even an interruption, we can perform the first step to overcome that is to pray to the Lord according to the religion, and beliefs of each were built through worship.
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