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This movie is a continuation of a sequel to The Smurfs previously. The story of this movie still tells the story of Gargamel who wants to take control of Smurf Village. In this time, Gargamel has greater purpose. He want to conquer the world with The Smurfs essence that taken from The Smurfs.
Every Smurfs has unique characteristic. The director shows it in each figure of smurfs. It makes The Smurfs very adorable. The idea of this story by using a variety of characters can make us know more about our self. Because the screenplay writers separating each character with a Smurfs, then it can be seen very clearly as if it greedily , as if it was wise , awkward , brave , storytellers and others which have been shown in this film. Everyone must be thankful because every man consist of many characteristics. It just like you are consisting of many smurfs. It just about how the man was able to use those characters to be a good one. The behavior that comes from a person makes the world sees and gives a point about how is the man look like. Papa Smurfs can change Smurfette by what he has done. Smurfette can see and feel that Papa loves her and teach her how to be happy by loving.

Indeed, the true nature of inherited or taught in the first time is hard to remove, but if we already know more about life; we can choose what we will do because we have a choice, in this case about characteristic. Smurfette do some kind of theory in this film. When she was still with Gargamel, she does bad things as being naughty and using the magic wand to support her action. But when she met Papa Smurf, Papa taught him anything else , she was taught how to be good , how to help others , how to love others , it makes her rich of good things . So when she was confronted with certain situations and conditions, Smurfette can choose what she really want to be. In this film, she was successfully change two other smurfs who originally wanted to make her back to be naughty like what Gargamel want instead turned to be good because Smurfette is able to more deeply embed the good nature .

The additional story that makes the film feel more interesting is the conflict in the family. It is about Papa who felt that he had failed in teaching kindness to Smurfette because he had seen her being naughty with her wand and intend to stop fighting to help her and bring her back to the Smurf Village. The conflict comes also on Patrick Winslow who cannot accept Victor (Patrick’s stepfather) that he feels always causes chaos in his life. Since childhood until he was an adult and become a father, Patrick felt that Victor only bring disaster until Patrick finally truly loved Victor because he know the truth.

This animated film is very funny and good for all people. It makes everyone laugh. The film can touch us by the message of the story. No matter wherever you come from, but who you actually are when you choose to be like and a family is still family. Love between families is unconditional.

So, let's sing the happy song..
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