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Matthew 4:12-17

Let's talk about Jesus.
When you say something about Jesus like He is great, He is powerful, He is awesome and etc, you will see that He will do something in your life. Because what you believed is what will happen.

The title from this verse is Jesus perform in Galilee. Perform is about to make people know about something. When someone ask you to perform, take it. Do not ever refuse it because the world never know about your ability if you never want to perform.

But if you never being asked to perform, you must believe that God is doing something in you. You are in His process. Be still and believe that someday He will call you to perform. In this verse, Jesus already arrive in the time to perform. After He is being prepare, God call Him to perform. Start from Galilee, we can see that the next verse is about Jesus performance.

We never know about our last time in the world. So, do not ever refuse any schedule in ministry. You must not grumble about your schedule. You must be thankful because of the schedule. The schedule is the proven about God's believe in you.

So when God has called you, let's come to perform.

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