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Ecclesiastes 9:1-6

This book is being written to tell about death. People must remember that they will be died.

Ecclesiastes: 9. 4. For him who is joined to all the living there is hope; a living dog is better than a dead lion. - Bible Offline

Before our death time come, let's prepare for it. Times will never comeback. Let's use our days in good way.

Ecclesiastes: 11. 6. In the morning put your seed into the earth, and till the evening let not your hand be at rest; because you are not certain which will do well, this or that--or if the two will be equally good. - Bible Offline

Enjoy your life. People can enjoy they life if they're in God. We may being in God if we want to enjoy our life.

Ecclesiastes: 9. 7. Come, take your bread with joy, and your wine with a glad heart. God has taken pleasure in your works. - Bible Offline

Ecclesiastes: 2. 25. Who may take food or have pleasure without him? - Bible Offline Ecclesiastes: 3. 13. And for every man to take food and drink, and have joy in all his work, is a reward from God. - Bible Offline

Enjoy what you have know. Your wife, husband, kids, parents and other, let's enjoy it because they will never be with you forever.

Ecclesiastes: 9. 9. Have joy with the woman of your love all the days of your foolish life which he gives you under the sun. Because that is your part in life and in your work which you do under the sun. - Bible Offline

Our memory has limitation. So remember the good things in your life. Read the good book. Read your bible. When you meet your death time, you will remember about God's good work in your life. Enjoy everything. Be happy in your life. Do whatever you can do because all things will have the end time.

Ecclesiastes: 9. 11. And again I saw under the sun that the reward goes not to him who is quick, or the fruits of war to the strong; and there is no bread for the wise, or wealth for men of learning, or respect for those who have knowledge; but time and chance come to all. - Bible Offline

Ecclesiastes: 9. 12. Even man has no knowledge of his time; like fishes taken in an evil net, or like birds taken by deceit, are the sons of men taken in an evil time when it comes suddenly on them. - Bible Offline

When you already have all things as your reward for what you have done, do not ever hold on those things because it is not for forever. Let's hold on in God. Because you will never know what will happen next. Your things will never help you from your destiny. We always need to rely on God.

Luke 12:15-21
This verse refer on what you have get will never guarantee your life. All things that you have is only loan. It will never be taken from you. You will never take those things when God has called you. We need to give all things to God. We need to life for God. Everything that we do must be only for God. He is the only one who will get glory for all things that we have done.

We will never know how long we will life but let's our life is good in God eyes.

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