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This is a series of Marvel films. Like another Marvel movies, the film also talks about a hero character who becomes the savior of the world. In this time Marvel show us the mini super hero. As long as i know, Marvel never show off their mini super hero, so i guess that this is the first launching.

The story plot is not serious, unlike other Marvel heroes like Wolverine, Spider-Man or the Green Hornet but is more similar to The Amazing Spider-Man which show some humor in the middle of the film.

The interesting part in this film is about the struggle of the main character to show the world in general and specifically to his daughter that the person who has done wrong can be truthful again. The main character had been imprisoned for committing burglary security system of information systems at the company where he works. When he came out of prison, he wants to see his daughter and live with her but she and his wife already has a new life with another guy. His wife also force him to pay for their bugdet of living during his time in prison. He try to get a job but he had difficulty in getting a job because of all the companies see from the past that he had experienced in prison.

The other one is about the greedy person that want to be the one. He turns evil because he is too ambitious. I also found some part related to the avenger. I guess that Ant-Man will become one of avenger in the next avenger films.

Due to the film category is more to teenagers then end of this movie is happy. So, enjoy the movie.

And please pay attention, because i ever see the scene that the main character ask the creator about the name but i cannnot find that scene. Can you?
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